Erin Aquarian


Who am I? Why am I here? How do I serve?

Hi ♥ I’m Erin Aquarian and I am an intuitive tarot reader and teacher. I utilize the tarot as an accessible, effective tool for healing and empowerment within a traumatic and oppressive world. Over time, working with the tarot can help you completely re-pattern your inner self and outer life. I’ll teach you how to do it yourself, so you feel empowered in your own life’s decisions, and evolve beyond feeling dependent on external guidance and approval.

Within the individualized container of a reading, I help you deepen your connection to your self and purpose, and begin to recognize and release old patterns that no longer serve your growth. I am skilled at holding a grounded, loving space where deep emotional healing can take place.

My Approach

I do not do readings that predict the future, or sugarcoat the harsh tokes of our times. If you choose to work with me, I will ask you to dive right in to the hard stuff, because this is what must be addressed in order to create real, meaningful, positive change in your life and in the world that you are a part of. Rather than acting as a gatekeeper, I empower you with an understanding of the tarot’s archetypes that centers your own life’s experience.

As a reader, I recognize patterns of thought, emotion and behavior within people and their lives. I connect these patterns to both familial and cultural conditioning that has become internalized, often unconsciously, and acts as a block to self-actualization. The tarot’s archetypes help us identify patterns

where they are repressing essential aspects of themselves and making life decisions out of fear/survival based belief systems.

It’s not you, its our culture.

Modern “civilized” cultures operate as white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal hierarchies where basic needs for healthy human development are not met. From birth, we are categorized and conditioned on the basis of the social constructs we are placed in. This is inherently dehumanizing and traumatic to participate in, and to survive, we adapt and normalize what goes against our natural emotional and empathic tendencies. Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are treated as individual conditions rather understood as natural, cumulative responses to the stress and trauma of modern life. Systemic conditions — poverty, violence, oppression — create much of our mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. The systemic root causes of our cultural ailments are not being adequately addressed by people in positions of power. We are taught by the dominant culture that if we have a problem, it is our fault. We are made to believe that if we are not successful in this reality, we are the problem. Furthermore, we are taught to seek the external instruction and approval of authority figures—to be obedient or face punishment—leaving many people feeling afraid to follow their own inner voice, and stuck wanting change but lacking the ability to create it.

As as result of the conditions we are living in and the conditioning we have experienced, it is not surprising that many people feel disempowered and a sense of disconnect with themselves or a lack of purpose. It is completely understandable that many of us feel helpless, hopeless, or completely detached from reality. While the challenges of our times are complex and staggering, I believe in us! And I believe that, counter to what we are taught, there are simple, inexpensive, and effective ways to begin to deal with our problems. Tarot is one tool that can help us find the inner resources, strength, and power to rise to the challenging times we are living in. The tarot helps us reconnect with our unique, creative genius and soul magic. As we begin to integrate that into our life, the conditions we are living in change.

Flip the Paradigm!

In a world that literally starves people for nurturing and encouragement, a little non-judgmental, supportive guidance goes a long way. My goal as a reader and teacher is to meet you wherever you are at, and share with you the same consciousness-changing tools that have helped me take my power back and radically change my own life. I want to help you feel confident about who you are and what you’re doing with your precious life and talent. I want to embolden you to go beyond the status quo. I want to offer you an alternative to the college-industrial complex. I want to encourage and affirm the full potential of artists, weirdos, college-dropouts, teenagers, working class people, and other invaluable members of society.


About Me

The tarot found me in 2008, when a casual reading done by a friend became a healing catalyst for my life. The reading was powerful and unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. It inspired me to get my own deck and start to study the cards. Tarot became a ritual of self-reflection that sparked major transformations. At that time in my life, I was completely stuck in limiting mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns that stemmed from the trauma and dysfunction of my upbringing. I was a highly sensitive and blocked empathic artist who had no tools to cope with my own pain, or the pain of a traumatizing world. The tarot helped me develop psychic skills and reconnect with my spirit and a sense of purpose. Over time, my commitment to this inner work relieved much of my suffering and has led to meaningful experiences and opportunities, among many other positive life changes — not to mention becoming a literal dream job where I get to say what I really think and feel about the world I am living in.

Over the last eleven years, I have studied and trained in a range of healing modalities. My service-industry/ college-dropout background and experience with witchcraft/spellwork, energy work/Reiki, meditation, and life coaching influences my style as a reader and teacher. I incorporate many of these other methods to support the deep process of healing. My work as a reader and teacher is devotional service work that supports your birthright to self-actualize. I use an anti-oppression, trauma-informed perspective in my interpretation of the tarot’s archetypes, to create safe space that centers and uplifts those who have been harmed by systems of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, especially BIPOC and LBGTQIA / NB. Please visit my Instagram, Soundcloud and Youtube pages to access my free healing content!

I am a white, queer cis woman abuse/trauma survivor with multiple undiagnosed mental/emotional illnesses, and my pronouns are she/her.

Thanks for visiting my place on the internet! ♥ Erin