Erin Aquarian


hi. I'm Erin Aquarian.

I am a tarot reader + teacher and intuitive healer based in Portland, Oregon.

In 2008, a tarot reading became a healing catalyst for my life. The reading was powerful and unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. It inspired me to get my own deck and start to study the cards. Tarot became a ritual of self-reflection that sparked major transformations. At that time in my life, I was completely stuck in limiting mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns that stemmed from the trauma and dysfunction of my upbringing. I was a highly sensitive and blocked empathic artist who had no tools to cope with my own pain, or the pain of a traumatizing world, and the tarot helped me overcome. Over time, my commitment to this inner work relieved much of my suffering, led to meaningful experiences and opportunities, and other positive life changes.

Over the last eleven years, I have studied and trained in a range of healing modalities. My service industry college-dropout/working class background and experience with witchcraft/spellwork, energy work/Reiki, meditation, and life coaching influences my style as a reader and teacher. I incorporate many of these other methods to support the deep work of actualizing personal authenticity and soul purpose. My work as a reader and teacher is healing service work that supports self-actualization. I use an anti-oppression, trauma-informed perspective in my interpretation of the tarot’s archetypes, to center and uplift those who have been harmed by systems of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.