CYCLES OF EVOLUTION -- lifetime recorded reading

CYCLES OF EVOLUTION -- lifetime recorded reading


My Cycles of Evolution is a reading that is lasts a lifetime!

Your life and year cards offer powerfully potent information and guidance to support your life as a soul journey. Similar to an astrological birth chart analysis, my Cycles of Evolution lifetime recorded reading helps you connect with and better understand the powerful Major Arcana archetypes that correspond to your date of birth, and explore how you embody and express their cosmic energy. Strengthening your connection to the tarot archetypes that act as fixed energies in your life helps you better understand your soul’s purpose, as well as understand themes for growth that show up from one year to the next. This reading can be revisited for years to come, as it will offer continuing support and guidance as your life unfolds.

With this reading you will receive:

  • a channelled, 90 minute MP3 recording that explains your life card/s, current year card, and an analysis of past, present and future growth cards

  • a written PDF chart that outlines your life and year cards and explains the unique sequence of archetypes you are cycling through from the year you were born to the year you turn 100.

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