Client Love♡

In their own words, clients describe what it is like to work with me:


Erin is one of the most insightful and compassionate people I have ever met! She is a rock solid source of strength and insight. It is clear she speaks from experience, and her insights are that much more valuable when I know that they came from her own hard work of self discovery and self healing. She helps you as someone who has been there before and has learned from it.

She really has gone above and beyond in her work with me, tailoring her coaching to fit my personality and struggles. I can clearly see her passion for helping others and can feel her deep commitment to my success. I really enjoy her fusion of life coaching with tarot--as a symbol-oriented person the cards really speak to me and help me visualize my situation from alternative perspectives. In short, I'd highly recommend Erin's services to anyone in need of healing.


-MEG HOEFFLIN, Long Beach Ca

Erin's tarot reading was a pivotal turning point in my life. I had been working through some intense wounding and was struggling to break down the walls around my heart and move into forgiveness. I came to Erin holding intense anger and through the reading received clear messages on how to transform that anger and how to access forgiveness. Most of the previous resources I had tried had focused on generating compassion for those who had wounded me, and though I tried, I had felt so much resistance.

Erin's reading was poignant and powerful, and I felt that Erin was completely present with me and strongly intuiting what i needed to hear at that time to move through the stuck place I was in. Somehow Erin knew just when to elucidate how those who harmed me were also harmed in the process and were still hurting from it, in a way that I was finally able to take it in. Tears spring to my eyes recalling the intense healing I felt in this moment. Over a year later I still refer to the intense realization I felt at the pulling of the last, 'extra' card, the seven of swords, and Erin's insight that I was harming myself with my thoughts. I remind myself of this moment whenever I get caught in critical circular thinking. The moment of the revealing of the final card, after going on a deep journey together, was the 'aha!' moment for me that synthesized the experience into a morsel of truth.

Erin's tarot reading turned my life around. I saw with a new perspective how I was able to release my resentment and forgive myself and those who had harmed me out of their own confusion. I walked out of Erin's peaceful healing space with a new sense of being held, cared for, and seen in such a powerful way. Thank you Erin, for being a powerful conduit of healing. Thank you for witnessing my pain, honoring my feelings, and providing such gentle cues for my transformation.


-Rochelle Darensbourg, Portland Or 

Erin served as my entry into the world of tarot, and has continued to be a formative influence as tarot becomes a regular part of my life. From the beginning, my sessions with Erin have never felt one-sided or mysterious; rather, it feels like she is always making the effort to interact, teach, and explain the tools anyone can use to access their own intuition and magic.

During my first reading she explained not only the meanings of the cards that I pulled, but also took the time to lay out the entire major arcana and explain its trajectory to me. By our second reading she was encouraging me to buy my own deck and start pulling and interpreting cards for myself. Since then I have found that I can use tarot as a tool for daily meditation that calms my anxiety and helps reframe my perspective toward self-reflection.

Erin is a guiding force, and it comes through in her everyday life and conversation as well as her work. She is dedicated to using her magic in order to help people heal themselves, especially if they are burdened by working within oppressive systems, even if it means offering her services for less to accommodate workers’ ability to see her. Erin wants to help us all look beyond what is “realistic” and instead seek more creative, empowering paths that expand our expectations for ourselves and challenge the systems within which we live.


-Bianca Butler, Portland OR

Erin and I first crossed paths at a tarot workshop she was teaching, Tarot as Self Care. It was my first formal experience with tarot and had the potential to be an overwhelming introduction to a tool I was a little apprehensive about exploring. Not only did Erin make me feel comfortable with embracing the unknown, but the way she approached and spoke about self care and the ways in which we can weave it into the flow of our daily lives resonated deeply with me, and unlocked something incredibly empowering inside of me. A short while later, I felt called to sign up for a New Year set of consultation sessions she was offering; using tarot, guided meditation, and exercises in consciousness and communication, we worked together to take stock of my life and my goals.

After the set of 3 sessions came and went, I knew the growth I had already seen in myself was just the beginning, and that I wanted to continue these meetings indefinitely. I can honestly say that I do not know where I would be today without Erin's honest connection and guidance at a time when I could not--or would not--see my own potential. She has been an invaluable source of counsel and practical tools for my own self-empowerment, and continues to be one of the most positive influences in my life today (truly, I'm tearing up writing this). Erin's genuine support of me as a whole person and a meaningful part of a new age of healers has awakened My sense of self, purpose, and community. I am filled with gratitude to call her my mentor, soul sister, and true friend. Her commitment to being an accessible healer and positive resource to anyone and everyone is a constant source of inspiration. Her magic is one of illumination, of empowerment; of finding and taking hold of all that you have inside of yourself and around you, and moving forward in this strange and wonderful and terrible life with eyes and heart open.



My readings with Erin have been some of the most impactful of my life; she has a truly powerful energy that can be felt at first handshake, carries through her guided meditation and into the journey of your reading. 

I have been both coached and guided by Erin and I can say that I have felt her healing magic. After years of struggling with a debilitating panic disorder, she led me down the path that is now quite literally changing my life. 

I can't express enough words of gratitude to Erin and encouragement to those looking to heal themselves from within- you have the ability, sometimes we just need someone to drive while we learn to yield the power inside ourselves. Erin is that driver. 

-Emily Hartl, SEATTLE, WA

Healing sessions with Erin are equal parts mystic, therapeutic, and individual. Rather than act solely as a medium for the cards, Erin participates in readings as a friendly and pragmatic guide into the cosmic realm. Erin's use of guided meditation in her sessions makes her readings effective and powerful.  Before going into analysis of my personal tarot spread, she leads me through grounding my energy and opening up my mind.  This initial exercise allows me to let go of surface level thought and focus on the deeper issues.

Erin's aptitude for reasonable, wise, and empathetic interpretation shines during readings; she presents tarot from both a studied and intuitive perspective, allowing the session to evolve into the message one needs to move forward. Her focus on the future--on what occurs after the session has completed--differentiates Erin's practice from others in the spiritual counseling arts. Whenever I leave a session with Erin I not only have a clearer image of the possibilities ahead but also the ways in which I might achieve those goals.  Her style is all about self-empowerment, about asking the universe for what you need (rather than what you want,) and seeking the magic in the everyday. 

-Jessica Sage, Olympia, Wa

 Erin was the perfect addition to my birthday celebration. She was truly a gift back to my friends to show how meaningful they are in my life. There was a constant line of people waiting to get a reading, people loved it. Erin took her time with each reading, my friends couldn't get enough and talked about it as a highlight at my party.

-Stephanie Kjar, Portland, OR

Over the years, a few friends have said to me 'I think your friend Erin just looked into my soul.' I generally reply 'Yeah, I actually pay her to do that.'  Sitting with Erin for a session of Tarot does not require one to believe in supernatural or spiritual realms (though you still can, and I do), but only asks that you believe in yourself. This is my favorite thing about Erin's brand of magic- that it's real. Her approach is grounded in reality and the takeaways from a session with Erin are practical and realistic. The idea that I can empower myself to be an agent of change in my life, because the world is real and will respond to action like every other living thing is just one example. And Erin is always getting me to think more passionately and thoroughly before I act. To think about what I truly want from this life, and to not only ask for it but to be open to receiving it. 

For me, this is what the cards facilitate- a conversation with your true desires, mediated by someone who wants to see you flourish in this lifetime, and who knows how to actively listen and ask the right questions. Someone to facilitate this conversation with yourself. This kind of non-judgmental, expectation-free conversation can be hard to come by, even with one's closest friends.  Erin also brings to her practice a healthy skepticism about our civilized world, recognizing that there are always other factors at play, reminding us that we cannot control everything, nor should we try. She considers the entire picture and really helps you contextualize your situation in the grand scheme, thus aiding in your ability to move and change within it. The lack of political consciousness that, in my opinion, tends to be the achilles heal of many "new age" or "woo" circles, is refreshingly rooted within Erin's practice. It's just part of who she is, part of her magic.

Also, while Erin is confident in her work, she does not claim a position of righteousness on the subject of personal growth and healing, and she is as open about her own process of inner-work as she expects you to be. This transparency is a great leveling agent, and helps foster an atmosphere of trust and honesty right out of the gates. Combine this with Erin's great sense of humor, and the benefits of sitting opposite her quickly multiply.


-Jeff Rowles, Portland, OR