I AM an intuitive healer /// Spiritual artist, TEACHER AND MENTOR based in portland, oregon.  

My life and work Are dedicated to the collective healing and liberation of all people and this planet.

my work focuses on supporting human beings In becoming more empowered within themselves(mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and iN THEIR LIVES (RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, AND SOUL'S PATH). My approach is trauma and Systemic oppression informed. I acknowledge issues of privilege, race, class, sexuality, and gender and create a safe, respectful space for clients and students.   

i offer affordable, sliding scale services for working people, students, and young people.  Healing should not be considered a luxury, and I am committed to Providing Accessible supportive guidance and life changing empowerment tools. 

I work with businesses and in my community to create healing and inspiring EVENTS. 

If you're curious or inspired to work together, please get in touch! I would love to connect with you.   


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For the past ten years, tarot has been my primary teacher and healer.  When tarot found me, I didn't know who I was or what I was doing with my life.  The cards were the first catalyst in my journey of healing and transformation.  Over the last decade, the tarot has has filled my life with connection, blessings, and inspiration, and I am truly honored and humbled to share this magical gift from the universe with others through my classes and private sessions.

At the heart of my work is my life's commitment to being in service to the highest good - of individuals and all things.  I am committed to intersectional restorative justice work in addition to healing, and to being as accessible as possible with both the cost and content of my services.  I acknowledge and address the existence of trauma and oppression and its effect on our lives, and I use tarot and other spiritual tools and practices to navigate our real life human struggles within a dysfunctional, oppressive society.  I use the tarot to help myself and others find ways to transcend the immense challenges of contemporary life in whatever ways we are able.  I encourage my clients and students to use tarot as a spiritual practice that explores individual purpose and potential, and a means to cultivate personal power, courage, and creativity.   There has never been a more critical time to work for our own healing, to support others in their healing, and to resist the forces that are doing further harm to people and our beautiful planet.

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