I AM an intuitive healer /// Spiritual artist, TEACHER AND MENTOR based in portland, oregon.  

My life and work Are dedicated to the collective healing and liberation of all people and this planet.

my work focuses on supporting human beings In becoming more empowered within themselves(mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and iN THEIR LIVES (RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, AND SOUL'S PATH). My approach is trauma and Systemic oppression informed. I acknowledge issues of privilege, race, class, sexuality, and gender and create a safe, respectful space for clients and students.   

i offer affordable, sliding scale services for working people, students, and young people.  Healing should not be considered a luxury, and I am committed to Providing Accessible supportive guidance and life changing empowerment tools. 

I work with businesses and in my community to create healing and inspiring EVENTS. 

If you're curious or inspired to work together, please get in touch! I would love to connect with you.   


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For the past ten years, tarot has been my primary teacher and healer.  When tarot found me, I didn't know who I was or what I was doing with my life.  The cards were the first catalyst in my journey of transformation.  Over the last decade, the tarot has has filled my life with connection, blessings, and inspiration, and I am truly honored and humbled to share this magical gift from the universe with others through my classes and private sessions.

At the heart of my work is my life's commitment to being in service to the highest good - of individuals and all things.  I am committed to intersectional restorative justice work in addition to healing, and to being as accessible as possible with both the cost and content of my services.  I acknowledge and address the existence of trauma and oppression and its effect on our lives, and I use tarot and other spiritual tools and practices to navigate our real life human struggles within a dysfunctional society.  I use the tarot to help myself and others find ways to transcend the immense challenges of contemporary life in whatever ways we are able.  I encourage my clients and students to use tarot as a spiritual practice that explores individual purpose and potential, and a means to cultivate personal power, courage, and creativity.   There has never been a more critical time to work for our own healing, to support others in their healing, and to resist the forces that are doing further harm to people and our beautiful planet.



I found my way to doing what I do through trials, errors, challenges, privileges, opportunities, and hope.  I have never been a conventional or career-oriented person.  I was raised to believe that without a Bachelor's Degree, I would never amount to anything in my life.  Even with that fear hanging over my head, I chose to drop out of college in my early twenties, for two reasons.  One, I found the traditional academic system boring and stifling, and incompatible with my more experiential and intuitive learning style.  Two, I did not want to wind up in debt over a degree or career path I was uncertain about.

I had been working in the service industry since I was fifteen years old and upon dropping out of school, opted to work full time.  I had various restaurant or customer service jobs to support myself, and I lived my life.  I didn't do anything extraordinary with my time.  I did not spend much time thinking about what I actually wanted to do with my life.  When I did think about that, I felt like a failure.  It never occurred to me that life was taking me where I needed to go, through my own process of living, struggling, and learning from my experiences and my mistakes.    

My personal experiences with healing and spirituality began in 2008, after moving to Portland, Oregon.  A tarot reading from a friend changed my life.  The experience was powerful, cathartic and healing.  Seeing my life, and the struggles I had been going through reflected in the cards helped shift something inside me.  It made me feel connected me to a cosmic guiding force that, prior to the experience, I hadn't even thought was real.  I felt comforted and encouraged by the messages offered.  I found it so helpful that I purchased a deck, began to study books by various tarot scholars, and pulled daily cards to navigate my life and sort through challenges.  

I studied and practiced with the tarot and I began to focus on all things healing. Opportunities to go further on this path quickly began to show up. Once I began to do readings for other people, it became clear that this was an actual calling and a passion.  Still, the idea that I could have a career doing something that I truly love, that would inspire me, that would make a difference in the lives of others--without burying me under a mountain of debt, seemed like a delusional fantasy.  Somehow I managed to put my cynicism aside and learned to instead, look at this "fantasy" as a vision I could work to explore.  That choice to invest in myself, and trust in my potential helped my life improve and allowed me to grow in ways I never thought I could.  

I began to deepen my exploration in the healing arts, at first dabbling with whatever was around, cheap, or free.  In 2012, I decided to invest in actual training that would develop my skills as a reader and a healer.  I entered into a four-year program of spiritual training at Portland's Blue Iris Mystery School, where I learned about magic and developed my intuition, psychic skills, and spiritual practice.  In 2013 I completed a 125-hour life-coach certification program through the Baraka Institute to obtain some practical training to complement the magical.  In 2016, I completed Lightworker Training with Tatiana Sakurai to incorporate energy work and clearing techniques into my sessions.  I am always seeking to evolve my style as a reader, and to support healing and empowerment with an effective combination of modalities.  

Every reading I do affirms this work as both what I love to do, and what I am meant to do.   It is truly an honor to meet and connect with people as a tarot reader, teacher and community healer.  If I make any lasting contribution to anyone, I hope it is to demonstrate that what many people--including myself--considered a "delusional fantasy" was actually my dream job. I am most grateful when I can help others find healing and their own path of meaningful work in this world.  

Thank you for reading this, for being here, and for being you.      

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